A Plethora of Specialists

Photo by flickr user Waldo Jaquith, used under Creative Commons license.

Photo by flickr user Waldo Jaquith, used under Creative Commons license.

Fish come in schools. Birds come in flocks. And then there’s a pride of lions and a murder of ravens.

I got to thinking that if the English language can have colorful collective nouns for members of the animal kingdom, why can’t there also be colorful collective nouns for medical specialists. Here’s the list that I’ve developed so far, with the assistance of my wife and some of my followers on Twitter. I welcome further contributions.

  • A stream of urologists.
  • A bolus of gastroenterologists.
  • A rash of dermatologists.
  • A dimple of dermatologists.
  • A family of family physicians.
  • A reunion of family physicians.
  • A push of obstetricians.
  • A socketful of orthopedists.
  • A diaperful of neonatologists.
  • A stat of emergency physicians.
  • A fix of addiction specialists.
  • A sample of pathologists.
  • A slide of pathologists.
  • A body of pathologists.
  • A colony of microbiologists.
  • A secretion of endocrinologists.
  • An islet of endocrinologists.
  • A circle of ophthalmologists.
  • A bed of hospitalists.
  • A breath of chest physicians.
  • An army of general practitioners.
  • A drip of otolaryngologists.
  • A cutting of surgeons.
  • A film of radiologists.
  • A gas of anesthesiologists.
  • A spread of oncologists.
  • A wave of cardiologists.

Thanks to Joanne Finn, Rob Hooft, Miriam Tucker, Joyce Frieden, Justin Herman, Jason Anthony Tetro, and Mary Shomon.

—Bob Finn
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~ by Bob Finn on June 2, 2009.

One Response to “A Plethora of Specialists”

  1. How about a hug of pediatricians?

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